After today’s webinar with DAISY (ENDOTECH) management

1. New registrations and upgrades are now temporarily unavailable.

2. Within 3 days (ideally) the new cabinet will be launched and the migration to the new smart contract with the entire database (and already registered members) will happen.
It will now be 3 Smart Contracts in one system so as not to overload one with all the calculations.

3. After the migration and updates, the promo will run again for 48 hours – both for all newcomers and those who have been registered since the launch.

4. Trading has started, but so far a small trade with bitcoin on one of 40 strategies, the position was opened yesterday and has not closed yet. As soon as it closes with profit, the amount will be available for withdrawal.

5. In the new version, there will be much less gas cost (commission) and there will be no fail transactions. All errors have been taken into account.

The main difference and advantage of the Daisy smart contract is that there is a real product (trading) and even now, while the website and the contract are on renewal, your money continues to work in trading.

30 day pacesetter reset!! Thanks to the migration into an upgraded smart contract, we are able to reset the 30 pacesetter qualification period!!
Get ready

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