FutureNet is a free to join social media platform that allows you to share updates (messages, pictures and videos) with your friends. At its basic function, it looks pretty much like Facebook. Because its a new platform, you can just send an invite to people and when they join, they become your friends. Or you can just search for a friend who is already signed up and add them to your friends list.

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From there you can chat, join or create groups, share a post, recommend, like, comment and so much more.

The interesting part comes where you are rewarded in real money to do activities such as posting content and inviting people to FutureNet, liking posts, commenting etc.

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On the business level, FutureNet offers a way you can make money online. This is through a power matrix and FutureAdPro (revshare). I’ll be talking in detail about the revshare later in the post.

The Matrix

So, there is an automatic Matrix that has six entry points. $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1000.

You can choose to start at the lowest matrix and upgrade to the next next one as the old one fills. Or you can just buy into all 6 of them at once if you have enough funds.

$10 Matrix
This is the first part of the matrix, and It is only $10 dollars. It fills up at 88,572 people. Members earn 10% matching bonus for every member that your personally place under your matrix. Your Potential income is $44,286

$25 Matrix
This is the second part of the matrix, and It is $25 and fills up at 88,572 people. Members earn 20% matching bonus and for each person falling in your matrix, your earn $1.25. Your potential income is $110, 715

$50 Matrix
The 3rd part of the matrix is considered to be at the gold level. It’s $50 and fills up at 88,572 people. Members earn 30% matching bonus on your direct referrals and $2.50 for each person that falls under your matrix.
Your potential income is $221, 430

$100 Matrix
This is the Exclusive level and Forth part of the matrix. It’s $100 and it fills up 88,572 people. Members earn 50% matching bonus on personal recruits and $5 for each person falling in your matrix. Your Potential income is $442,860.

$500 Matrix
This is the 5th part of the matrix and is otherwise known as the Sapphire level. Members earn 50% matching bonus and $25 on each person filling your matrix. Matrix caps at 88,572 people making your $3,020,781

$1000 Matrix
This is the last and final part of the matrix rightfully named the Royal Matrix. Its $1000 and also fills up at 88,572. Members earn 50% matching bonus and $50 on each person that fills your matrix. Your potential income is $7,430,681.

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FutureAdPro was launched on April 2016, and has a separate website from the main company’s social media part of the company FutureNet.

This is the company’s revenue sharing part of FutureNet. FutureAdPro is similar to most revshares, You purchase a set amount of ad packs, view 10 daily ads and your earn money every 15 minutes.

There are some key differences Though…

In a typical revshare model, daily earnings are usually capped at around 2% daily and a $50 adpack will mature between 55 and 60 days yielding between 110 to 120% return.

Although This is fairly typical within the industry, it has been proven to be unsustainable in the long run.

With FutureAdPro, members have a choice of either $10 and $50 adpacks with both earning 1% daily with the $50 packs maturing in 120 days at a 120% return.

This has been proven to be much more sustainable and built to last for years to come…

Another major difference is that FutureNet has a large reserve fund built up, largely because they more than simply a company that sells adpacks. Now this is key, and this part alone is what separates FutureNet from all other only revshare companies out there. It is also the reason why FutureNet has exceeded the industry standard of lasting past the 2-year mark

In a typical revshare model, for instance, everything is based on the sale of adpacks and recruitment of new members.

This cycle of recruitment and the purchasing of adpacks in crucial for the Ponzi to continue. Despite the claim that revshares claim to be an adverting company, the truth is that the traffic is worthless, and based on a closed loop marketing system, meaning that the people viewing your ads are also members of the same company being paid to watch 10 ads per day.

With FutureNet, however, there is a diverse amount of external revenue coming into the company, and more sources being added.

As a further illustration, with a typical revshare company, when a deposit is made with one payment processor, you have to withdraw using the same payment processor. This is in large part because there is no real reserve system that allows members to fluctuate payments received from one payment processor to another

Not so with this company…

Withdraw are instant, and if your deposit with 1 payment processor you can withdraw using any payment processor your like. For instance, If i deposit using Solid Trust, I can withdraw using bitcoin or Payza.

This is unique and a powerful testament that FutureNet is not your average company that is not based on a ponzi-like structure. In fact, this is a true brick and motor company with an actual physical office.


Like many popular internet marketing opportunities, FutureNet has its own reward system for outstanding performers that include:

– Exotic trips
– Tablet or a laptop
– A smart phone
– An Audi Car
– Porsche Panama
– Paid membership fees and other goodies

FutureNet offers innovative tools that can be used to BUILD your FutureNet business both online and offline.

These tools include (partial list)

– A customize-able Landing page system
– Momentum marketing system.
– Future Cloud
– Future Blog
– Future video mail
– Video production, and
– Web templates
– Future Cloud

However, these do not come free, they can be purchased using media points or real money. Media points can be bought separately using real cash or members can obtain them as a percentage reward when they buy into the matrix part of the program.

FutureNet is clearly not your cheap online program that is designed to be here today and gone tomorrow; it is an extremely well thought out program that has a huge member base-one that is showing no signs of slowing down.

In all my years experience, I have never seen a business model so intricate and with all parts of the program working in complete harmony.

There is definitely a huge investment that was put in place to create the two programs infrastructure. Stephen, Roman and their team of experts are real people working behind the scenes, all with a good track record, both experienced and capable of running this company to a much higher level.

To reiterate, the fact that this company has many external forms of revenue, an actual physical office combined with a very experienced and successful upper-management team means they will be here over the long-term is my prediction.

In Conclusion

As other online business opportunities rise only to fall shortly thereafter, FutureNet continues to build and expand on their success with new and exciting projects that include FutureNet cafes, additional merchandises and other interesting gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Perhaps though, the most exciting part of FutureNet will be the launch of FutureCoin November, 2017 with a fully tradable cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain technology that has many people already anticipating the launch.

With FutureNet the possibilities are endless as they have only really begun to really take the online world by storm.

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