EXP ASSET – Innovative technologies are the Future.
We are a team of technology and finance hotheads. Our passion are cryptocurrencies and their role in changing world. We believe they will become money of the 21st century. Read More…
EXP ALERTS – is a service that provides its Users a tool to analyze cryptocurrency market and receive alerts about individual cryptocurrency on the company’s website and in the application. Read More…
EXP ARBITRAGE – Soon will start our nexservice – Exp Arbitrage. Cryptocurrency arbitrage with risk-free profit from different prices of the same instrument listed on various exchanges. We use market inefficiencies to earn money for you. Launches soon.
EXP MINING – Our own mine is being used already but we plan to form a new mine with our owncurrency. We strive to create the biggest mining farm in Central Europe. Soon we will provide more details.
EXP COIN – We believe cryptocurrency market is a special branch of digital economy. This is why, our biggest project is creating our own cryptocurrency. Coming soon.
CASHBOX – In order to use cryptocurrencies even more easily, we are creating a network of machines that will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies through them. Stay tuned for further details.
DICOINTRADING – It is our new project being created by team of passionate people who want to build future. Our team of professional traders and analysts work to make future best platform to trade cryptocurrency.