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FutureAdPro is an advertising system that allows advertisers to place their own ad to reach other users of the advertising system.

The innovation of this system lies in the fact that users can finally earn money from the fact that someone wants to inform them about their product and they are not forced to watch ads without remuneration (this is described in the marketing plan further).

Earning is commission – based. Commissions received depend on the FutureNet turnover as a whole. This guarantees greater stability of their withdrawals.

Details can be found further.




1. Active Partner is a person with at least one active AdPack.

2. To qualify for daily percent, shares in the company’s turnover should be viewed at least 10 advertisements per day (24 – hour period).

3. The purchase value of one AdPack is 10 FND and / or 50 FND (FutureNet Dollars, value1:1 with USD). Packages give 160 and 800 views respectively.

4.AdPack”closes” after working out the final invoice value of 60 FND. The time in which AdPack reaches its final value depends on the company’s current income. You can withdraw this amount or use it to buy more AdPacks.

5.In order to earn commission in the depth of your structure (Status II – V)you need to buy proper Account. Users receive commissions until package acquires 120% of its value.

6. 5% of the billing is deposited in advertising account. Funds deposited on this account can be used to purchase advertising and fees associated with status of your Account.

7. With the withdrawal of commission in the FutureAdPro, 5% of the withdrawal is automatically transferred to upgrade your position in Friends Tree up to t Royal inclusive. After reaching the Royal position 5% is transfering still. After reaching Royal position, 5% is still being collected for purposes of “Account Upgrades and Friends Tree” (purchase of FutureNet Product Packages). Even if a user has all of the “FutureNet Pro duct Packages”, his automatic upgrade will be still purchasing additional Product Packages from the beginning. After reaching the cost of the given “Product Package” (according to their order), users receive their products (including Media Points)