Step-by-Step Registration DAISY

Step-by-Step Registration DAISY:

DAISY Referral link: https://Daisy.Global/r/florner
Step 1: Download Tronlink App here
Step 2: Deposit Tron into your tron link wallet with the amount needed to buy your package(s).
Step 3: Click the Discover icon in the bottom to see DApps browser in the Tron wallet
Note: (You must paste the referral link in the DAPPS browser only. Otherwise it will not work)
Step 4: STEP 4: Paste the referral link in the DAPP search bar and press enter
Referral link: https://Daisy.Global/r/florner
Step 5: Then DAISY screen opens, authorize your wallet to DAISY,
Step 6: Enter your desired username and start contributing tiers
Note: (username must be lowercase without any spaces. Please note down your username while registering)
After login to DAISY, currently referral link is not populating properly. Dev team is fixing it and it should be ready soon.
Your referral should contain username at the end. if your referral link says , just add username after “r/” see workaround below.
Workaround: if you can’t find referral link in the Backoffice, the workaround is replace XXXXXX part with your username in this :
Step 1: Paste this link in the DAPP search bar and press enter
Step 2: Click on Login Automatically
You will be into Daisy Back Office if you successfully signed up.

How to log into Daisy?
How to Sign up in Daisy?