Daisy Global – Meeting minutes from the corporate call on 15th January 2021


– 55,000 people joined in 4 days.
– 40M USD in crowd fund contributions.
– Endotech did not expect these big numbers.
– The funds Endotech was able to get with Daisy would have never happened through regular VC channels.
– Endotech has replicated their super intelligence in Daisy.
– Whenever funds come in, they will be transferred to Endotech’s Binance, Coinbase and Gemini accounts.
– That will be done in 1M and 2M batches.
– All funds will be converted from TRX to USDT on the exchanges.
– 15% of funds will be traded with Top 10 altcoins.
– 85% of funds will be traded with BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT.
– Endotech’s algorithms did not enter any trades right after Daisy launched because of extremely high volatility. That was a good decision since a big dump followed.
– Endotech’s algorithm is waiting for further signals to carry out trading.
– Endotech will be the first tech company to use the power of network marketing to ramp up R&D efforts.
– Seeing the huge funds coming in, Endotech is thinking about things they can do beyond the existing roadmap.
– Updated vision of Endotech will be published in the next months to come.


– Website broke down upon the launch.
– It was not prepared for such huge traffic.
– The website was taken down for 8 hours with no registrations or logins.
– And still 10,000-20,000 enrollments came in as people figured out how to register through the blockchain!
– Smart contract cannot cope with so many calculations in one single smart contract.
– Specifically, calculations how to position new enrollees on the accurate matrix generation and the gold pacesetters bonuses payouts.
– Smart contract burns too much energy causing the timeouts (it must be done within 50 milliseconds)


– New sign ups and upgrades will be disabled by setting the fee to 1 TRX per transaction.
– In 2-3 days (best case) a new updated dashboard will be launched.
– The smart contract will be migrated to 3 separate smart contracts.
– After the migration, the 48 hours rule for new sign-ups will start from zero.
– Gold Pacesetter bonus will be back to 24 referrals and $128K to reach gold pacesetter. (Right now, it is 21 referrals and $64K by coding mistake)

We were promised a perfect user experience after everything is fixed!

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