On the Official Daisy Presentation Zoom wed March 4 it was announced that DAISY is now going to use the Stable Coin “USDT TRC20” as the cryptocurrency for funding Tiers and receiving earnings from Daisy.
Why is this GOOD NEWS?
USDT TRC20 is a what is called a Stable Coin operating on the TRON Blockchain. It is pegged against the value of the USD so one USDT = one USD.
So it means that when a new user buys $100 of USDT they have exactly $100 to pay the Tier 1 $100 funding cost. No more worries of TRX dropping in value between when you bought TRON (TRX) and when you go to fund your Tiers to find you do not have enough TRX because it dropped in value.
It is also GOOD NEWS for Endotech because they previously converted the TRX to USDT to allow them to put the funds to trade but if the TRX they received had dropped in value it meant they too were starting with less than the amount they were meant to have as the proper balance from contributions.
Lastly no matter much of a cryptocurrency fan you are we ALL think in FIAT when we pay bills, and live our day to day lives. So for the vast majority of people the move to USDT will make life simpler, make it easier to share with others, and prevent previous issues.
We will be creating instructional information for the Daisy Enterprises back office and our Sales Funnels for what is USDT, where to get it, the most cost effective ways, and how to use it to fund your Tiers. They will be available over the next few days so keep your eye out for that.

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