News Daisy 27.1.2021

While the onboarding of new members to daisy is temporarily unavailable, the Daisy contributors have over $25M in the Daisy Fund, fully ready for Endotech’s AI to act when the market makes its next move. Among many exciting things happening with Endotech, they were also just announced as an institutional partner with Gemini.

We want every Daisy member to hear from Endotech’s Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Anna Becker, and Co-Founder and COO, Dmitry Gushchin, and their insight into the Daisy Project. So this Friday at 8am UTC, we are having the VERY 1ST EVER, Endotech highlight call!

Endotech Highlight Call and Daisy Updates
8am UTC, Friday Jan 29th

We know that everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats for the re-opening to be announced, but today we confirmed that some important work still needs to be done before we go live and we will be giving detailed updates on Friday’s call.

It is very important that we take this temporary pause in order to make certain that Daisy is 100% ready to scale at its initial rate of growth, and that the platform can easily transition into future phases of the Daisy roadmap.

The moment we re-open Daisy, there are 55,000 plus participants wanting to do the following:

➡️ Upgrade their Tier level
➡️ Personally enroll new users
➡️ Have their new users upgrade their Tiers

This creates a massive opportunity to build pre-launch momentum…

😱 This also creates the potential for 100,000 plus new users and 500,000 plus new transactions being triggered on day one…possibly even in the first few hours from Go Live 2.0.

It is a good problem to have, and now the focus internally is 100% on being prepared, and the focus for our members is also on being 100% prepared.

🔑 To ensure this massive volume of people and transactions process smoothly, and to make sure that the platform can continue to scale into future phases of the roadmap, DAISY has engaged a number of top technical and development teams to maximize all areas of the programming for speed and scalability, and to do extensive stress testing.

Fortunately, thanks to input from some of the best minds in this space, they have identified several areas that need additional enhancement to accommodate the anticipated volume of business and the long-term future of Daisy.

🕰 Everyone wants Go Live 2.0 to happen asap, however it is crucial that everything goes smoothly and that the platform is 100% ready, and we appreciate your patients, positive vibes, and shared vision during this down-time.

🚀 How can YOU make the most of this time before Go Live to massively increase your earning capacity?

Take actions steps that can increase your earning ability.

➡️ Be ready to Upgrade the Tiers you crowd funded at Go Live
➡️ Personally refer more people who will crowd fund Daisy
➡️ Help your personal referrals to upgrade to higher Tier levels
➡️ Help your referrals and team to duplicate the above

Imagine earning a share of tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars of crowd funding globally from EVERY Daisy member, not just from your own team, regardless of what Tier you are!


🏅 Become a Gold Pace Setter!

➡️ Personally refer more than 24 Daisy crowd funders where the total crowd funding contribution of your personally referred members is $128,000 or more.

💰 Then you earn a share of EVERY crowd funding contribution and EVERY trading reward generated by Endotech!

👍 Put this PAUSE time before GO LIVE 2.0 to good use and REAP the REWARDS


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